The Unexamined Life Is Not Worth Living

Jun 25 (16)
Importance of Goal Setting in Relations to the Sense of Urgency Brian Tracy Talks a lot about the sense of urgency in this motivational video, though not one of the big Cs I want to underline the importance of the sense of urgency. If you are going to...
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Clarity: A Key to Personal Power

Fresh your life
Brian Tracy in this motivational video is about the show you how important it is to think clearly. Though he started His life poor, he decided to study successful people and discovered that they all have the same qualities. He also discovered that anyone who decides to learn...
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Be the Best You: 7 Keys to a Positive Personality

Silver Arrow.
In this 8.33 minute motivational video, Brian Tracy teaches that you will become a come brand new person if you practice the following seven habits. Positive Self Talk: For example, I like myself, I can do it. Deliberately talk to yourself constructively. Your mind is like a garden, if you...
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Who Are You Listening To?

The Essence of Coaching
You are reading this because you want to stand out and you want to work on yourself. But who are you listening to? Based on the reality of the story that you have lived till today, what have you believed about yourself? You will be inspired  to check...
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Ability Without Dependability Is a Liability

Iron Warrior
When life brings you lemon, do you cry or do you choose to make lemonade? In this 3.55 minute long motivational video, Shiv Khera underlines how important your attitude is in relations to your level of success in life. I am sure that you have one may be...
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Your Time Is Now! Story of Lilie McCloud

All the world's a stage
What have you got in you that only you know about or may be just a few people around you? You will be inspired by this motivational video.   Meet Lillie McCloud, a 54 year old lady. She’s had the gift of singing all her life, but now...
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The difference Between a Winner and a Loser

Can't Explain It, But Let Me Show You --- This is What Prey Feels Like
Successful people do what failures wont do. Do you know that the distance between you and your greatness or your failure could just be one millimeter? In this motivational video, Tony Robins shares the importance of training yourself to believe in your purpose. I have met far too...
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